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On our travels around London and the Southeast installing temporary scaffold alarm systems, we are seeing more and more people trying to secure their own property rather than get the experts in, which in the long run, is a false economy.

DIY scaffold security

If they are unfortunate to be burgled as a result, their insurance company will NOT pay out, whereas with a professionally installed scaffold alarm, such as Halt Alarms Ltd system, the intruder will be detected up on the scaffold before they attempt to 'break in'.  A couple of DIY examples are shown above and below.

DIY scaffold alarm

OVERVIEW:- It is a false economy to scrimp on security, which normally equates to only a few percent of the overall expenditure of the entire works. Give us at Halt Alarms a call for a competitive quotation.

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Updated: Feb 1, 2019

We at Halt Alarms Ltd have been using battery powered scaffold alarms , also know as wireless alarms, successfully for a number of years. They have grown in popularity recently as they address the dreaded issue of , as to whom, provides 'the power' for the alarm system?

They are also handy where there is limited or no power 'on site' so a conventional mains powered scaffold alarm cannot be used and are generally fob operated.

As mentioned, our battery scaffold alarm systems are set and unset via a fob, or wireless keypad, which are neatly stored in a handy combination lockable box, out on the scaffolding.

We at Halt Alarms, only use the latest intelligent passive infra red detectors, with our battery scaffold alarms to ensure that there are no false alarms and that the property is adequately protected. Other companies use cheaper 'stock' pirs which they tape onto the scaffolding, which are prone to false alarms, as they incorrectly detect heat signatures from passing vehicles, direct sunlight and heat from boiler exhaust ports.

Our battery alarm systems can easily protect an access tower, such as the one pictured here, on a Central London commercial property with ease, where there was 'no power', but wanted protection.

All our battery systems are visible and are supplied with signage, to ensure that they are visible to ALL.

We generally supply our clients with pictures of the install and a short operational video, sent through WhatsApp, showing them the box code, instructions and how to operate the system.

In summery, battery alarm systems are versatile, easy to operate and are great for smaller installations, We however always recommend that a mains powered scaffold alarm system is used for larger applications or higher profile projects.

Thanks for reading.

James Moorcroft

MD of Halt Alarms Limited

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  • Scaffold Alarms London

A scaffold alarm is a system that protects your building site, unattended property or scaffold from potential intruders. A typical Scaffolding alarm system will consist of signage designed to inform people that the premises is protected, an alarm bell, keypad or fob in order to set/unset the system and either a passive infra-red device which is activated by movement or body heat or a pair of photo electric beam sensors, where a physical beam(s) have to be broken by an intruder, in order to triggering an alarm.

A scaffold alarm, can be battery-operated or mains powered and can also be 'monitored' ( a mobile phone connection) which will notify the alarm receiving center (ARC) of an scaffold alarm notification.

It is often forgotten, that once the scaffold has been erected, 'your' insurance company should be informed immediately. 'Your' insurer will require 'you' to mitigate your risk of burglary and a scaffold alarm will demonstrate this, as outlined in the January 2013 The NSI Code of Practice.

Scaffolds can be erected on residential, commercial buildings or on industrial building sites so workers can access otherwise inaccessible areas. Certain safety standards must be met whilst assembly takes place, but once erected it is impractical to remove the entire scaffold or to 'secure everything' at the end of each work day. A scaffolding alarm system helps prevent theft of equipment that workers leave on site and access into the building or property whilst unattended.

Generally, the type of scaffold alarm installed will be tailor-made for each application.

We at Halt Alarms limited we can provide you or your company with a competitively priced system to ensure your security worries are addressed. We have over 17 years in the industry, providing bespoke scaffold alarm systems to thousands of properties and building sites around London, Kent, Sussex and the South East of England.

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