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Scaffold Inspection



With over 20 years in the scaffold industry, Halt scaffold services are now pleased to offer a non-biased advance scaffold inspection service to determine whether your scaffold is 'safe to use' and is SG4:15 or TG20 compliant.  

Did you know? Accordingly to HSE Guidelines, It is your legal requirement to have your scaffolding inspected on erection and at regular 7 day intervals, or  after adverse  weather conditions by

a competent and appropriately trained  individual, in order to meet the requirements of the Work at Height Regulations  2005.


For as little as a £100 + vat per inspection, our Qualified Inspector will supply a 'scaff tag' and full written report within 24hrs of our inspection.


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Then why use us?


We see time after time, scaffolds that 'you' have already paid for to be inspected by the scaffold company who has erected it,

signed off with faults and issues that could result in the scaffold not being able, or dangerous, to use.


Which could ultimately lead to an accident and claim.


We on the other hand are not tied in with the scaffold company and therefore can offer a non biased report.

What do you get?



 After the scaffold audit has been carried out, We will provide a 'scaff tag' to  confirm that we have been to site to inspected the scaffolding and  complete a written report with our findings, which has to be retained on site  until work is completed. 

The following information will be included in our scaffolding inspection report:


  • Name and address of the person for whom the inspection was carried out and   the name and position of the person carrying out the inspection

  • The location and the date and time

  • A description of the place of work or where the work equipment was inspected

  • Details of defects or anything identified during the inspection that could pose a risk to the health or safety of any person and any action taken to remedy this.

  • Recommendations and details of any further action considered necessary